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Regulation on privacy

1. General terms

Limited Liability Company «Intramotion» (hereinafter - company Intramotion) which located in Ukraine, has developed this Regulation on privacy (hereinafter - Regulation) for an explanation the conditions on privacy for every person, who comes to our website, partners and any person who transmit personal or confidential data to company Intramotion.

Data which are collected and processed are used in accordance with the laws of personal data protection in Ukraine. Company Intramotion is doing everything to ensure compliance of databases with current legislation. This Regulation does not apply to websites linked from the website of Intramotion. We recommend to read this Regulation before using this website. Also on all users of this website spreads the requirements for familiarization and compliance Regulation about use of the website and warnings of responsibility.

2. Consent for the processing of personal data

I as a User agree the terms of this Regulation (and namely this text) in accordance with paragraph 6 art. 6 and paragraph 1.1. art. 11 of Law of Ukraine «On Protection of Personal Data» and I’m providing by this my consent and permission for company Intramotion for processing, collection, registration, storage, store, adaptation, modifying, updating, use and dissemination (distribution, sale, transfer), depersonalization all my personal data that the company Intramotion will get. The use of such data by company Intramotion should be performed exclusively for the fulfillment of the conditions stipulated by the Supply Agreement, execution of the Buyer application, and for other purposes stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine.

Use of this website by the user means that the user agrees to all terms of this Regulation and has provided permit for the use and processing of his personal data in accordance with the Law of Ukraine «On Protection of Personal Data».

3. Protection of personal data

Company Intramotion apply security measures that meet industry standard requirements to prevent free access to personal information and account information, which is collected and used at this website by company Intramotion.

4. Disclosure of information to third parties

Company Intramotion may use third-party services to manage their business and this website or administer activities on our behalf, such as sending emails, order fulfillment and more.

Personal information about any user may be provided to other organizations within the current legislation, in the case of transfer ownership of company, property; if the company Intramotion is forced to reveal specific information on the requirements of law enforcing bodies or regulatory authorities, or by other legal process, or to protect the interests or safety of company Intramotion or other users of the website or with any other lawful purpose.

5. Confidential information of company Intramotion

Buyer under the Supply Agreement or any person covered by this Regulation shall ensure the safety and confidentiality of information that such person has received in any way. The term «confidential information» of company Intramotion means all information related to the company Intramotion and its activities or customers, or relating to any department of company Intramotion, their operations or customers, regardless of whether the information was documented in any form or was received by the person in any way. So confidential information includes (but is not limited to):

  1. customer records or other information about customers;
  2. information about the suppliers;
  3. marketing plans, cost analysis;
  4. any data about finance, revenue, accounting company Intramotion.

The list above is not exhaustive and can be supplemented by amendments to this Regulation.

6. Updates to the Regulation on privacy for visitors

Company Intramotion reserves the right at any time to make changes to this Regulation. When company Intramotion makes changes to this Regulation, it would be placed on website. We recommend you regularly review this Regulation.

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