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Conveyor Configurator

Designing of conveyors has been a complicated, time-consuming and expensive process until recently. However, IntraMotion provides availability of conveyors due to its innovative solutions! Modular constructions and innovative link chains make assembling of production lines as easy as that one of tinker toys using modules, changing their number, size and design.

What can be changed in conveyor design? Everything:

      Guides length and type (straight, angular);
      SL-chains types for particular goods;
      Chains width and maximum load;
      Conveyed item travel direction (including vertical conveyance);
      Chain drive mechanism;
      Legs height;

      and many more!

Therefore, adjust the conveyor to the peculiarities of IntraMotion quite specific production or packaging process, as well as having an area is not difficult. Configurator allows you to make calculation as quickly as possible - you can get information on the cost of construction of the conveyor line, really tight deadlines.

In addition to speed and availability design, modular conveyor systems are characterized by good performance that during use, significantly reduces the cost of maintenance and servicing of the entire system. Also, the modular approach allows you to quickly create, not only, but also to change the manufacturing process. Expand it, refocus on another type of product or packaging adapted to the new shop - it's easy to IntraMotion, development and calculation of the conveyor system is always transparent and does not require any additional costs.

Using our online configurator conveyor systems, you can easily “Create your own conveyor” – whenever you want, wherever you want.

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